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If you need to run a background check for any reason, Complete Check has you covered. We recommend only the most thorough background check services in your state in order for you to get whatever information you need.

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Employee Background Checks

If you’re an employer looking to run a background check on a prospective employee, check out our top-rated services here:

Personal Background Checks

If you want to run a background check on an individual, we have a number of great options to get the information you need about anyone.

Renter Background Checks

Looking to run a background check on a tenant or potential renter? We offer easy-to-use services to make that easier than ever.

Criminal Background Checks

Need to see if someone has a criminal record? Use one of our recommended services to find out the truth about anyone’s criminal background.

Full Comparisons

There are hundreds of different background check providers in the United States. How do you know which one to choose? We will only recommend the service that best matches your needs. We offer full reviews of every available service in your area.





“I needed an anonymous background check done, and Complete Check matched me with the perfect provider. I recommend anyone looking for background check services in their state to use Complete Check.”

—Jane P., Los Angeles, CA



We only recommend 100% legal background checks so you can rest easy knowing that the service you are using is well within your rights. All providers reviewed and listed on have been thoroughly vetted.



All the background check providers that we recommend keep you anonymous. You won’t have to worry about the subject of your background check knowing that you’re doing so.


Where other background check services might give you partial information, all the services we recommend offer a complete picture. Rest easy knowing that when we recommend a background check, you’re getting all the information you need.